Evening Bangkok food tour and Tasting experience

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Famous Thai Street food tour, A unique food tasting experience!
Bangkok's vibrant Street food culture, Ratchada train market, Wang lang market, Or Tor Kor market and Khao San Road. See the food cooked in front of you, taste and try as you please. You can experience the freshest dishes and the most exotic flavors prepared in both modern and traditional ways. One word, Authentic!

The noise, color and vibrantness of these night markets could be overwhelming if you were on your own and to really indulge in this world most people would be a little intimidated, but with a personal private local guide it is a smooth flavor adventure!

Hungry yet? Lets go!


Explore the city and experience local food.

Ratchada train market

I really love to go Ratchada there have plenty of food stalls, many tradition foods and lots of things to taste. If there is one reason why you must visit Rot Fai Market Ratchada, it has to be the mouthwatering array of food you get there. The bazaar has rows and rows of food stalls where cooking is done right in front of you.

Wang lang market

There’s such a good variety of both street food snacks, and sit down local places serving southern Thai food to sizzling oyster omelet restaurants crammed into tight alleys.Wang Lang Market is a full Bangkok eating paradise.

Or Tor Kor Market

One of Bangkok's best kept secrets due to its cleanliness, selection of high quality produce, and a jaw-dropping selection of ready-to-eat food, Or Tor Kor in my opinion it’s in a class of its own when it comes to quality.

Khao San Road

The center of the backpacking universe.
In addition to being great for adjusting to the culture and climate, Khao San Road is also a great place to ease yourself into the intense sensory experience that is Thai cuisine. Restaurants, snacks and stalls on wheels, great street food (pad thai, porpia, curries) you could even try some of the outrageous snacks there, such as fried bugs! A great place for shopping, music and drinks.

With your appetite fully satisfied return to your hotel.


  • Bangkok's vibrant Street food culture from diverse areas

  • Ratchada train market

  • Wang lang market

  • Or Tor Kor market

  • Khao San Road.


1 English speaking guide licensed (Me)

Tour Insurance


Food costs per person costs approximately 200-300THB

Taxi Tuk Tuk and BTS fares

Optional extra activities (if any), drinks, meals, Tipping
Overtime tour guide if hours exceed stated tour. Costs 300THB per hour per group.


To have private mini bus transport throughout the tour additional 2000 THB

Private van Toyota Commuter a/c with professional driver licensed  + Refreshments (cold water and cold towels) + Fuel + Toll way + Parking fees.


1 person 4000THB
2 people @ 2,000THB per person = 4,000THB
3 people @ 1,333THB per person = 4,000THB
4 people @ 1000THB per person = 4,000THB
5-9 people guide fee is 4,000THB

Child price under (120cm) @ per child 200THB


Traditional Fishing Market Tour (V)

Using Public transport throughout Tour:(V)

This tour  is limited to when low tides occur at an appropriate time and is  seasonal from Mid April to end of Aug. please note this not is not always available.


07:30  pick up from your hotel. Depart Bangkok in our private VIP A/C Mini van.

09.00 Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

This buzzing market is at its best in the early morning before the crowds arrive and the heat of the day builds up.

Use a paddle boat to experience the floating market.

*We can experience food on the boat at the Floating market. Ex. Noodles, veggie spring roll, coconut pancake, fried bananas, etc.*

11.00 Don hoi lord shellfish farm, Lunch and catching shell fish activity

(please note it depends on the tides each day whether catching shell fish activity is available). 

Located just south of Samut Songkhram town at the muddy mouth of the Mae Khlong River, The area’s vast and squishy sand flats reveal several other edible molluscs, including scallops, venus clams and cockles and razor clams.

Going Don Hoi Lot take you past, colorful seaside and protected mangrove forests with monkeys

Don Hoi Lot’s impressive seaside market and restaurants. On weekends, a sizable stretch of coastal road is transformed into a dizzying spread of fresh and prepared seafood, packaged local products, fresh fruit, Thai sweets and a few Don Hoi Lot T-shirts for good measure.

14:00 Mae Klong Railway Market.

Folding umbrella Market / Train market. See the locals trading on the active train track. around 08:30 am train will arrive at the station so we can see busy railway market at the authentic moment.

16.00pm Drop off at the hotel or any place you require.



1 person 10100THB
2 people @ 5,050THB per person = 10100THB
3 people @ 3,367THB per person = 10100THB
4 people @ 2,750THB per person = 11,000THB
5 people @ 2,200THB per person = 11,000THB
6 people @ 1,833THB per person = 11,000THB
7 people @ 1,714THB per person = 12000THB
8 people @ 1,500THB per person = 12000THB
9 people @ 1,333THB per person = 12000THB

Child price under (120cm) @ per child 200THB


Don hoi lord ( catching shellfish & farm )

Folding umbrella Market / Maeklong Train market,

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

Take your own private paddle boat through the market.


Included :

- All tickets fees mentioned on the tour

- 1 English speaking guide licensed (Me)

-  Private van Toyota Commuter a/c with professional driver licensed  + Refreshments (cold water and cold towels) + Fuel + Toll way + Parking fees

-Entrance tickets, paddle boat trip,


Excluded :

- Lunch per person costs approximately  80-150THB for local street foods / 200-300THB  for restaurant

- Overtime tour guide and private van after 8 hours tour costs 550THB per hour per group.

- food / snacks / drinks. (typical per person costs approximately  80-150THB while touring the market.