Combination Floating Market and Kanchanaburi Tour

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Situated to the west of Bangkok in Samut Songkhram, the Maeklong Railway Market is one of the most unusual markets in Thailand. At regular intervals throughout the day, a huge passenger train that chugs directly through the market!

Damnoen Saduak The Floating Market is routinely full with hundreds of vendors and purchasers floating in their small rowing boats selling and buying agricultural products and local food, which they mostly bring from their own nearby farms. Therefore, it is a very attractive place for tourists to see this old style and traditional way of selling and buying goods.

Around this area, boat trip services are available for sightseeing along smaller canals branching off from the Damnoen Saduak canal. Visitors can observe Thai traditional houses and the way they live as well as tasting exotic fruits, local food and refreshing drinks along the waterway.

Visitors can watch the market activity from a passage along the canal too. A number of restaurants and shops are located here as well. A fun experience is to make a boat trip and observe the buying and selling, providing countless photo opportunities.

Next Embark on an insightful trip to the remarkably beautiful province of Kanchanaburi.

You will get to see the infamous Bridge Over The River Kwai and death railway.

After boarding a train, you will experience the region a little further as you ride along the Death Railway. While enjoying the remarkable views of the river and the stunning scenery, you will be crossing several original bridges constructed by Asian laborers and POWs. Your train ride will bring you to the Krasae Cave Station.

Before returning to Bangkok, you will have the option to befriend some elephants and hop on them too for an unforgettable ride. Enjoy to Learning about Thailand’s iconic animals. Activities that you shouldn’t miss such as Bathing with Elephants. These giant, majestic Animals suddenly seem cute and cuddly once in the water! The elephants love to be scrubbed and played with in the river. You take pole position climbing up on top splashing, spraying and having fun together.


by a private van.

06:45 pick up from your hotel. Depart Bangkok in our private VIP A/C Mini van.

08:00 AM Mae Klong Railway Market.

Folding umbrella Market / Train market. See the locals trading on the active train track. around 08:30 am train will arrive at the station so we can see busy railway market at the authentic moment.

09.00 Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.
This buzzing market is at its best in the early morning before the crowds arrive and the heat of the day builds up.
Experience the floating market and surrounding picturesque areas. Explore the market in your own private paddle boat (paddle boat pilot included).

10.15 leave floating market and travel to Kanchanabhuri.

13.15 Take a ride on the death railway. journey along the notorious Thailand–Burma Death Railway from Kanchanaburi to Nam Tok is one of Thailand’s most scenic and most popular train rides. Though the views are lovely, it’s the history that makes the ride so special.

Krasae Cave and Wooden Bridge.

A picturesque wooden death railway bridge on the slope of a steep cliff.  A walk on the train track allows you to enjoy a nice view over the Kwae Noi river.  Close to the railway track is Krasae Cave  at present it is a place of worship with a sitting Buddha statue inside.

The bridge over the River kwai. War history sites.

Constructed by POWs labor though Thailand to Burma. Visit the ephonymous bridge, Reconstructed after its bombardment by Alice forces.
Jeath war museum.

Return. 2 hours and a half drive back to Bangkok

18.00pm Drop off at the hotel or any place you require

Optional Extra activities (not included in tour price)

Elephant camp. Interactive activities, please choose A or B
A. Riding the elephant program/20-30minutes.THB600.-/person/20minutes.
B. Bathing the elephant program/20-30minutes.THB1000.-/person/20minutes.

  • Folding umbrella Market/Maeklong Train market.

  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

  • Take your own private paddle boat through the market.

  • Bridge over the river Kwai.

  • War History sites.

  • Ride the Train on the death railway.

  • Krasae Cave.


All tickets fees mentioned on the tour

1 English speaking guide licensed (Me)

Private van Toyota Commuter a/c with professional driver licensed  + Refreshments (cold water and cold towels) + Fuel + Toll way + Parking fees

Entrance tickets , paddle boat trip, death railway tickets.


Optional Programs such as Elephant activities A/B

Lunch per person costs approximately  80-150THB for local street foods / 200-300THB  for restaurant

Overtime tour guide and private van after 12 hours tour costs 550THB per hour per group.

food / snacks / drinks. (typical per person costs approximately  80-150THB while touring the market.


1 person @ 9,850THB
2 people @ 5,300THB = 10,600THB
3 people @ 3,783THB = 11,350THB
4 people @ 3,150THB = 12,600THB
5 people @ 2,670THB = 13,350THB
6 people @ 2,350THB = 14,100THB
7 people @ 2,193THB = 15,350THB

8 people @ 2,013THB = 16,100THB

9 people @ 1,872THB = 16,850THB

CHD (3-12 yrs )price @ 200THB per child