Tour guide Final Booking and Confirmation

Booking your own personal tour guide in advance. I have to limit the amount of work I take on so that I have enough time to focus on each individual customer.

Year round i take a lot of inquiries and often have to turn customers away or recommend other tour guides as my schedule becomes full. For this reason i ask my customers to place a deposit to confirm the arrangements they have made with me. This is only done when we've finalized your itinerary. Deposit is confirmation. Deposits are non refundable which pay for tour insurance and pre booking vehicles and activities.

The deposit 2500THB to book and confirm your tour is made with a credit card (transaction hosted by paypal - no account or sign up required) received by me at Hyla Group Limited. If you don’t like Paypal I have alternatives listed below.

The final balance is typically paid in cash at the end of the tour. Fill out the form and go through to settle using credit/debit card via PayPal to me at Hyla Group Limited.

Please contact me before booking and making the deposit

Don’t like using PayPal? No worries! Maybe you use one of these alternatives.