Information about Nikki Travel and Tour guide Services

Nikki Travel Tours and Nikki Tour guide Services only do Private day tours. We don’t combine groups or add anyone into booked tour days. Your booking is for your own personal private tour guide to guide you throughout the day.

As an independent private business, I do not work with, or collaborate with any other tour groups or agencies. I accept bookings from private customers (Tourists, families and couples).

I do not provide tours relating to any aspects of sex-tourism. Please do not ask.

My team and I operate tours year round, but please note that during busy months we are often fully booked. It is often best to booked tours well in advance of your arrival in Thailand.

Contact by Email

I use Email as my primary form of communication with customers. Unfortunately I am often unable to respond to emails immediately as I am often on tour during the day and time zones set day and night opposite to the USA. I will typically reply to correspondence within 12 hours. Thank-you for you’re your patience.

Contact By phone.

While on tour I always give my current customers my undivided attention, so I am unable to accept calls or responded immediately to queries.  I will reply back as soon as possible. 100% commitment to your tour experience on the day is top priority. Thank-you for your understanding.

Booking and Confirmation.

During busy times I receive many inquiries and I am often in communication with many customers planning their visits to Thailand. 

Tours  are booked by placing a booking deposit. Prior the deposit being paid all communication is “inquiry” stage and the tour is not considered booked or confirmed. After the deposit is placed you your is immediately booked and confirmed. The deposit is non refundable.

Final confirmation and booking deposit paid through website. The website and paypal administrator Nikki Tours is "Keith Burridge"

Nikki Tour Guide and Nikki Travel Services


Nikki Tour Guide.  
Phayathai samsennei
Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand


06.30am to 21.00pm Daily.

Days tours 06.30am and 09.00pm

Some tour hours and duration are specific to each custom tour Itinerary.