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The Ayutthaya Experience takes you through the historical wonders of Thailand's ancient capital. Ayutthaya is dotted with ruins and grand temples, surrounded by the Chao Phraya, Pa Sak and Lop Buri Rivers.

Explore Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. See sights such as, Wat Mahathat to encounter the famous Buddha head covered in tree roots. Admire beautiful remnants of murals left behind on the temple ruins.
Pay a visit to Wat Phra Si Sanphet, the holiest temple with the old Royal Palace. Witness the iconic three chedis or bell-shaped pagodas. Next see Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, with its towering stupa and golden statues. Encounter rows of seated Buddhas in bright, saffron robes.
Venture to Wat Chaiwatthanaram, my favourite temple with its unique Cambodian-style architecture. Here you can put on a traditional Thai outfit for a unique photo opportunity.


08.00am. I’ll pick you up from your hotel lobby. Drive to Ayutthaya.

09.30am Bang Pha-In Summer palace, wander around the peaceful palace grounds.

11.00am Wat Yai Chaimongkol. The great victory stupa, 62 meters high and a landmark of Ayutthaya.

12.00pm Lunch. There are a selection of amazing riverside restaurants over looking the Chao Phraya to choose from. Please let me know if you are vegetarians or any special food requirements.

13.00am Wat Mahathat, the Buddha image enclosed in the tree.

14.00pm Wat Sri Sanphet is a restored temple ruin.

15.00pm Wat Chai Watthanaram, One of the most visited historical sites of Ayutthaya.

A sightseeing tour along the inner old city. En Route you see many magnificent temples and ruins.

One hour and a half drive back to Bangkok. Some evening traffic to be expected in Bangkok.

18.00pm Drop off at your hotel or any place you require.

Optional extra Programs. (not included in tour price)
Elephant riding program (sitting on a basket on the elephants back with a seat-belt and walking area the ancient city. 600Baht/per person/ 20mins

  • Bang Pha-In Summer palac

  • Wat Yai Chaimongkol.

  • Amazing restaurants over looking the Chao Phraya river

  • Wat Mahathat, the Buddha image enclosed in the tree.

  • Wat Chai Watthanaram
    Sightseeing tour along the inner old city.


All tickets and fees mentioned on the tour.
1 English speaking guide licensed.
1 Private Air conditioned Vehicle with professional driver licensed+ Refreshments (cold water and cold towels) + Fuel + Toll way + Parking fees.


Optional Programs such as elephant riding.
Lunch per person costs approximately  300 - 400THB  for restaurant
Drinks, Meals, Tipping


1 person @ 7,700THB

2 people @ 4,025THB per person = 8,050THB

3 people @ 2800THB per person = 8,400THB

4 people @ 2,188THB per person = 8,750THB

5 people @ 1,820THB per person = 9,100THB

6 people @ 1,575THB per person = 9,450THB

7 people @ 1,400THB per person = 9,800THB

8 people @ 1,269HB per person = 10,150HB

9 people @ 1,120THB per person = 10,550THB

CHD price @ 200THB per child