Combination Bangkok Temples and Evening Food Tour

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This Tour

An exclusive easily customizable afternoon and evening tour. Combine history, culture and most importantly world famous food.

Firstly, take a private long tail boat trip through canals, tour Bangkok’s water ways known as klongs. See the local houses, temples, feed the catfish, picturesque riverside scenery, wooden homes.

Get a feel for Bangkok from this unique vantage point.
Visit the Grand Palace Thailand’s most famous Building and the active center of ours religion and monarchy.

As we move into evening we view some of Bangkok’s most iconic sites from the land and river.

Next, Famous Thai Street food tour, A unique food tasting experience!
Bangkok's vibrant Street food culture, Ratchada train market, Wang lang market, Or Tor Kor market and Khao San Road. See the food cooked in front of you, taste and try as you please. You can experience the freshest dishes and the most exotic flavors prepared in both modern and traditional ways. One word, Authentic!

The noise, color and vibrantness of these night markets could be overwhelming if you were on your own and to really indulge in this world most people would be a little intimidated, but with a personal private local guide it is a smooth flavor adventure!

Hungry yet? Lets go!


Using Public transport throughout Tour:(Y)

Bangkok Temples

14.00 I'll pick you up from your hotel lobby.

Grand Palace and The Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phrakaew). This Iconic complex is Thailand's most revered temple. Please note strict with dress codes detailed below.

Explore west Bangkok in a private long tail boat. one hour cruising in our private long tail boat.

Evening Bangkok food Tasting experience.

"Wang lang market"
There’s such a good variety of both street food snacks, and sit down local places serving southern Thai food to sizzling oyster omelet restaurants crammed into tight alleys.Wang Lang Market is a full Bangkok eating paradise

"Famous China Town"

The color, hustle and bustle of this Asian classic market scene. Packed with market stalls, street-side restaurants and a dense concentration of shops, Chinatown is an experience not to miss.

There’s such a good variety of both street food snacks, and sit down local places serving southern Thai food to sizzling oyster omelet restaurants crammed into tight alleys.

Please choose one of these two to finish:

"Ratchada train market"
I really love to go Ratchada there have plenty of food stalls, many tradition foods and lots of things to taste. If there is one reason why you must visit Rot Fai Market Ratchada, it has to be the mouthwatering array of food you get there. The bazaar has rows and rows of food stalls where cooking is done right in front of you.

Khao San Road "the center of the backpacking universe.
In addition to being great for adjusting to the culture and climate, Khao San Road is also a great place to ease yourself into the intense sensory experience that is Thai cuisine. Restaurants, snacks and stalls on wheels, great street food (pad thai, porpia, curries) you could even try some of the outrageous snacks there, such as fried bugs! A great place for shopping, music and drinks.


1 person @ 8,950THB
2 people @ 4,850THB = 9,700THB
3 people @ 3,483THB = 10,450THB
4 people @ 2,800THB = 11,200THB
5 people @ 2,490THB = 12,450THB
6 people @ 2,200THB = 13,200THB
7 people @ 1,993THB = 13,950THB

8 people @ 1,838TTHB = 14700HB

9 people @ 1,717THB = 15,450THB

CHD (3-12 yrs )price @ 200THB per child

  • tail boat trip through Bangkok’s water ways.

  • legendary city sites including Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn.

  • Try Bangkok's vibrant Street food culture

  • Ratchada train markeT

  • China Town Wang lang market

  • Or Tor Kor market

  • Khao San Road.


All tickets and fees for activities on the itinerary
1 English speaking guide licensed (Me)
Boat trip and ferry tickets
Taxi Tuk Tuk and BTS fares


Optional extra activities (if any), drinks, meals, Tipping
Overtime tour guide if hours significantly exceeds stated tour. Costs 300THB per hour per group.